About the Artist

After 34 years as a high school educator, Jim is continuing a life-long creative interest in the arts.  Originally trained as a painter, Jim is now focusing his talents on a career in photography.

Today, his primary interest is in creating images of an intimate nature.  Traveling the western states, Jim seeks out nostalgic scenes and images reminiscent of times gone by, be it a blacksmith’ s workshop, old lanterns hung in an abandoned barn, or a pottery jug from in an old mission.  At the same time, Jim’s trained creative talents allow him to capture sweeping vistas and majestic perspectives. In his works, he especially strives to create images employing a “painterly” effect; emphasizing rich color palettes and textures, while maintaining much of the detail and clarity of traditional photographs.

“Nothing pleases me more than when a person looks at one of my photographs, leans in close, and comments,  ‘ It looks like a painting.’  I love to straddle the line between traditional photography and graphic art.”

Occasionally, as the mood suits him, Jim will also explore the realm of abstracts, creating images with vibrant colors and a contemporary feel.


Although much of Jim’s work is traditional photography in nature, both film and digital capture, a significant body of his work is what he terms “photo-digital art”.  In these digital art pieces, original photographs are converted to line drawings, layered with textures and color, and then the original colors and details are extracted using a digital art tablet.  The resulting image maintains much of the detail, lighting, and clarity of the original photograph while adding textures and moods usually found in watercolors, pastels, or paintings.


1st place – Color Abstracts;  2nd Place – Winter Landscapes;  3rd Place – Computer Manipulation
Exhibition of Photography, San Diego County Fair 2011

Best of Class, Color Photography;  Silver Award, Color Photography
Alameda County Fair 2011, Pleasanton, CA

Best in Show, Color Photography
Dixon May Fair 2011, Dixon CA

Best of Show, Professional Photography; Reserve Best of Show, All Fine Art
Solano County Fair 2011, Vallejo, CA

Award of Merit, Fine Arts – Photography Division
California State Fair 2011, Sacramento, CA

Color Print of the Year, 2011
Northern California Council of Camera Clubs


Jim’s images have been displayed at the following galleries:

  • Alameda Art Association Gallery, Alameda, CA
  • The Riverfront Gallery, Petaluma, CA
  • The Towers Gallery, Cloverdale, CA