Traditional Images

As is true of many photographers, while on a journey to find images which express my creative side, I will be presented with a scenic vista or composition which invites me to take time, focus, and explore. This gallery contains traditional photographic landscapes and still-life images. I hope you enjoy them.

Rustic / Nostalgic

For as long as I can remember, I have been enchanted with exploring the past, and creating images which speak to our sense of nostalgia for times gone by. I am especially interested in images that recall the Spanish and Gold Rush eras here in California and the western states. The images in this gallery are mostly digital art, photographs which have been "enhanced" to project a "painterly" feel which best suits the subject matter and best reflects the mood I felt when capturing the photograph.

Abstract Contemporary

Sometimes when I am out shooting new images, I come across opportunities to focus exclusively on compositions based on color, patterns, and textures. At times it is a closeup detail of brightly colored blown glass; or it may be interesting patterns or textures found in nature. This gallery includes images that "spoke to me" and commanded my attention on those occasions

Black & White

Although I prefer to work with color, there are times when the subject matter seems to dictate approaching it from the direction of traditional black and white photography. This gallery include images where I felt the mood or content was best presented free of the distraction of our normal color vision.